Does the biggest land animal eat and drink a lot too?

        How many kilograms of food do you consume a day? However hard you try, it will not be more than three kilograms. Do you know how much as elephant consumes a day? Compared to other animals, an elephant has a huge body frame. Therefore, elephants have to eat and drink proportionate to the size of its body.

        Do you know that an elephant consumes about 180 kg of food each day? It spends about 18 hours just eating. Elephants are herbivores and feed on grasses, tree foliage, and bark, twigs and other vegetation. African elephants largely prefer tree leaves, bark, and branches, Asian elephants, on the other hand, shrubs, in addition to juicy leaves and fruit.

        These animals need to drink a lot of water too. An elephant consumes about 190 litres of water a day. That is how much water a standard bathtub can hold!

Picture Credit : Google