It is highly unlikely to see cats living and hunting in groups because they are not social animals. However, this does not hold true in the case of the lion. The lion is a family animal. Lions live in communities, and depend on one another for sustenance.

      A community of lions is known as a pride. Normally, there will be 15 or more lions in a pride. However, a pride can be as small as three and as big as 40 in memberships. They hunt for food, bring up their litter and defend their territory as a community.

      Do you know that females in the pride do most of the hunting? They take up the responsibility of raising cubs too. However, when there is a kill, the male lions take the ‘lion’s share and the lionesses and cubs get only the remainder.

      Tigers, however, prefer to live alone, although they do sometimes socialize. Both lions and tigers prey on humans. However, we have more man-eating tigers than lions!

Picture Credit : Google