Do wormholes exist?

A wormhole is a theoretical bridge connecting two different points in space-time. It can be visualised as a tunnel with ends, each at different locations or different points of time. Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity mathematically predicts the existence of wormwholes, but none have been discovered to date.

Many sci-fi works including a Chritopher Nolan’s 2014 film, interstellar, have references to wormholes. They are shown as gates that allow time travel and access to different regions of the Universe or between Universes. So, is time travel really possible for humans through a wormhole? Experts say it is unlikely because no one can travel through it unharmed because the wormwhole brings with it the dangers of high radiation and contact with exotic matter. Further, it is predicted to exist on microscopic levels and collapase quickly.

Stephen Hawking conjectured that wormholes cannot be used for time travel because inserting a particle into it will destabilise it quickly enough to prevent its use.


Picture Credit : Google