Do we spend as much time nurturing ourselves?

We are all possessive about something or the other that we own. Like our favourite toys, bags, books, stationery and souvenirs we have collected over the years! I even get upset when I lose leaves that I pick from the different places that I visit,for I use them as bookmarks.

We put in so much effort to keep them carefully and safely. Sometimes in decorative boxes, tucked away in a Little nook inside our cupboards where no one can Lay eyes on them, let alone take them away.

Then why should we not be possessive about our own self, our body, our soul? By that, I don’t mean that we be self-centred and only think of ourselves. What I mean is that our mind, body, and soul need nurturing, too.

Our bodies need care, our souls need nourishing, and our minds need exercise

Take good care of your body

Be hygienic, eat healthy, practise sports and fitness, protect it.

Our body belongs to us and no one else. Keep it safe. If you feel uncomfortable on being touched by anyone – someone you know, a stranger, or even a friend, make yourself heard. Say ‘NO’! And I am not talking about good touch, or bad touch here. Any touch that makes you feel uncomfortable is unwelcome. Whether it is a pat on your back or someone wanting to hold your hands or someone wanting to hug you out of sheer excitement.

They may like to do it, but you may not. Similarly, you may like to do it, but others may not.

Listen to your body and what it is telling you. My book, ‘The Strange Case of Nayantara”, talks about how you can practise bodily autonomy, which is our fundamental right to take charge of our body without any external influences.

Exercise your mind

Read plenty of books, write and, express yourselves, calculate without the help of machines, play boardgames, be creative and do other things that keep your mind active. Steep well and meditate once in a while for it de-clutters your mind, heals your body, and rejuvenates your soul.

So, what are you waiting for

Pick a book. Do something you love. Call your friend you haven’t met in a while. Play. Go outdoors and get some sun. Because the best time to start anything is now!

Nourish your soul

Listen to music you Like, engage in hobbies that make you feel happy, surround yourself with people who bring a lot of joy and laughter, be kind to others around you, express gratitude for what yon, have. True happiness comes from within and, unless you are happy inside out, you won’t see the world as a happy place.


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