Do sun bears and moon bears have anything in common?

      The sun bear and the moon bear get their curious names due to the markings and colour of their body. Apart from the fact that they have names of two celestial bodies, there are hardly any common features between them. Although they both belong to the bear family, they have very different appearances.

      The moon bear gets its name from the crescent mark it has on its chest. This crescent mark is unique for every bear. Their colour and shape differ from bear to bear, from pale cream to deep orange-gold. Moon bears are also known as black bears.

      The sun bear has jet black, short and sleek fur with some under-wool. Some sun bears are reddish or grey. This bear species is found in the tropical forest habitats of Southeast Asia. The sun bear is also known as the honey bear. This animal has a voracious appetite for honeycombs and honey.

      Both moon bears and Malayan sun bears are experts in constructing feeding platforms in trees.

Picture Credit : Google