Do all baby mammals drink milk?

Dolphins eat fish. Deer eat leaves. Bats eat moths. Cats eat mice. Mice eat almost anything they can find. But when these animals are babies, they all eat the same thing – milk that comes from their mothers. No baby mammal eats any other kind of food until it begins to grow up.

Most mammal babies live inside the mother’s body before they are born. A baby mammal is joined to its mother by a hose-like tube. The baby gets food from the mother’s body through the tube. When the baby grows big enough, it comes out of the mother’s body.

Many kinds of mammal babies are weak and helpless for a long time. Mice, kittens, puppies, and human babies are born with weak legs. Some mammal babies are stronger. A moose calf can walk after just a few days. A pronghorn, which looks like an antelope, can run very fast when it is only one day old.

Picture Credit : Google