Did dinosaurs lay eggs?

Yes. Dinosaurs laid eggs, just as reptiles and birds do today. Scientists have found fossil eggs all over the world. Most are empty, but some eggs have been found with the fossil bones of baby dinosaurs inside.

Did dinosaurs protect their young?

Horned dinosaurs like Centrosaurus lived in large family groups, like elephants. When threatened, the adults probably surrounded the young, making a frightening wall of horns.

Is it true? Dinosaur eggs were huge.

No. Dinosaur eggs were only about 12 cm long. If they were bigger, the shell would have been too thick for the young to break through.

Amazing! Oviraptor was thought to live on stolen eggs, because its skeleton was found on the eggs of another dinosaur. But a baby Oviraptor has now been found inside one of the eggs. So scientists can’t decide if it’s a thief or not!

Which reptile made nests?

Maiasaura, ‘good mother reptile’, made nests in groups. Each parent would dig a hollow in the sand, the female would lay up to 25 eggs, and then the eggs were covered with plants to keep them warm.

Picture Credit : Google