I have heard that success comes from true commitment? But from where does commitment come?

True commitment comes from the heart. A high jump champion was once asked, how did he manage to jump so high. He said, “First my heart goes over the bar, and then the rest of the body follows.” Passion is not a momentary fling at something that catches your fancy. It is not the flaring up and the snuffing out of a matchstick. Passion is that spark which ignites possibilities of the fire within you. Passion is a sustained commitment to grow oneself. If you are truly committed you are prepared to give your life for the cause you are passionate about. Just listen to this classic story on commitment:

A young lady who was an ardent admirer of a famous musician walked toward him and gushed, “Sir, I would give my life to hear this kind of performance.” The master musician replied, “Young lady, I actually gave my whole life for this performance.”


Picture Credit : Google