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Who represents India in the UN?

India has a permanent representative who will work as the diplomatic representative of our country. Also known as the Ambassador to the UN, he/she is the head of the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations.

The Ambassador to the UN is expected to represent the interests of the country in the UN. He/she is a diplomatic official who is accredited to the UN, and works to promote the ideas of the UN and raise public awareness. The Ambassador also represents India in the General Assembly and the Security Council if needed.

Syed Akbaruddin currently serves as the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations. He was appointed in March, 2016.


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What is the focus of the work of the UN in India?

The UN works in India in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Framework (UNSDF). It is a framework that takes into consideration both national priorities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UN strives to improve the lives of the most marginalized poor, and vulnerable communities of the country, especially women and girls. As the government of India suggests, ‘Development for All’ is the focus of the UN. The work of the United Nations in India pertains to the following:

  • poverty and urbanization
  • health, water, and sanitation
  • nutrition and food security
  • climate change, clean energy, and disaster resilience
  • education
  • skilling, entrepreneurship, and job creation, and
  • gender equality and youth development


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Who leads the activities of the UN in India?

 We know that the Secretary-General heads the UN. The Resident Coordinator heads the activities of the UN in India. The Resident Coordinator is the representative of the UN Secretary-General to the Government and is responsible for leading the UN Country Team.

The Resident Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the coordination of the activities of the UN aimed at development. He/she is also responsible for advocating human rights and other values of the United Nations.

Renata Lok-Dessallien serves as the Resident Coordinator of the UN in India. She has been serving the UN for the past 30 years. Renata’s efforts have significantly aided in poverty reduction. She was previously associated with various other countries including Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Laos and Mali.


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What do we know about India’s contribution to the UN peacekeeping force?

India has shown an active participation in the UN peacekeeping missions. Our country has been a part of 43 peacekeeping missions and has supplied more than 1, 80,000 troops. According to the 2014 reports, India is the third largest contributor of troops to the UN.

India has provided and continues to provide eminent Force Commanders for UN Missions. India has already provided two Military Advisors, two Police Advisors, one Deputy Military Advisor, 14 Force Commanders and numerous Police Commissioners.

The Armed Forces of India are currently part of the peacekeeping missions in Lebanon, Congo, Liberia, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Golan Heights, and Haiti. As of February 2017,163 Indians have been killed while serving in the UN peacekeeping operations.


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Why is India trying for permanent membership in the UN Security Council?

India is a part of the G4. G4 is a group of four nations who constantly back each other to get permanent membership in the UN Security Council. Brazil, Japan and Germany are the other three G4 nations. But why is India so keen on getting permanent membership in the Security Council? Let’s see.

India has the second largest population in the world. It is also the world’s largest liberal democracy. India comes third in terms of purchasing power and is the seventh largest economy in the world.

India comes forefront in supplying troops for the peacekeeping missions of the UN. Also, the Security Council does not have any permanent member from South Asia at present.


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What do we know about Indian representation in the UN?

When India gained independence in 1947, it regarded the already granted UN membership as an assurance of peace and stability. In return, our country has always shown strong interest in the ideals of the UN, and had actively participated in the UN’s specialized programmes and agencies.

India has been a member of the UN Security Council. India has served seven terms in the Security Council, the most recent one being from 2011-12. India was enthusiastic about working against colonialism and the practice of apartheid. In fact, India was among the most outspoken critics of apartheid and racial discrimination in South Africa.

India has significantly contributed to the UN’s peacekeeping mission. Indian troops were sent for the United Nations peacekeeping mission. Indian troops were sent for the United Nations peacekeeping efforts in Korea, Egypt and Congo. In recent years, Indian troops were involved in the missions in Somalia, Angola, Haiti, Liberia, Lebanon and Rwanda.


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