Career in Genetic Engineering

I am a student of Std IX and I want to be a genetic engineer and work abroad as there is not much scope in India. Please tell me about the institutions that would help me pursue a career in Genetic Engineering. How should I prepare for admission into these institutions?

Genetic Engineering is the process of adding new DNA to a living organism through artificial methods. Some examples of genetic engineering are faster-growing trees, bigger, longer-lasting tomatoes, glow in the dark cats, golden rice, plants that fight pollution, banana vaccine, etc.

Students with backgrounds in Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, etc., are eligible to apply for genetic engineering courses at the graduate level such as M.Sc., M.Tech. and Ph.D. Since Genetic Engineering is not offered as a standalone programme, most students pursue higher studies in Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, etc., and specialize in Genetic Engineering.

To pursue a Master’s course in a reputed university in India, all you need is the GATE/JAM scores. For universities abroad, your GPA, GRE/TOFL scores and research projects are very important. Since Genetic engineering is a highly research-oriented field, a Ph.D. degree is imperative if you want to climb up the ladder at work.

Some good institutes in India are Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. After pursuing courses in Genetic Engineering, you can work in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, research and development departments, agricultural sector, genetic engineering firms, chemical companies, etc. With the increasing number of biotech firms in India, the future scope in genetic engineering is good in India as well as abroad. USA and UK are at the forefront of research in genetic engineering.


Picture Credit : Google