Can we make contact with other species?

We know that animals can communicate with each other. They do so through their body language, facial expressions, eye movements and sounds. Dolphins communicate through whistles and squeaks that form of a language their own. When dogs bark or a cat meows, it is telling another dog or cats something…Only we cannot understand what it is. Animals can also understand our language to some extent. It you train a dog properly; it will sit when you say ‘Sit’ and fetch a stick that you throw when you say ‘fetch’. Dolphins in fact can understand quite complex commands.Unfortunately, we have not yet mastered the art of communicating with other species on this planet. Some people seem to intuitively know what an animal is trying to communicate, but for the most part we do not have a clue about what animals are thinking. We may realize from their body language that they are going to attack, or that they are happy, but we cannot understand the sounds they make…yet! Maybe, in the future, we will develop computers that will be able decipher their grunts and growls, squeaks and whistles…and maybe we will learn to