Yes, trees can break up large rocks. Seeds may be deposited in the cracks and gaps of rock clusters and they germinate there. As the plant grows, the roots crack the rock further and may even break it into many pieces.

Plants can cause mechanical and chemical weathering. When plants cause mechanical weathering, their roots grow into rocks and crack them.It can also happen in streets or sidewalks. When plants cause chemical weathering, there roots release acid or other chemicals, onto rocks, which then forms cracks, and breaks apart.

Plants can cause physical weathering as their roots grow. Seeds of plants or trees can grow inside rock cracks where soil has collected. The roots then put pressure on the cracks, making them wider and eventually splitting the rock. Even small plants can cause this kind of weathering over time.

Biological Weathering – This type of weathering is caused by plants and animals. The plants and animals have acids inside them and when they release their acid it converts into chemicals that further results in weathering and breaking down of rocks and minerals and other types of landforms.

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