As you like It by William Shakespeare

      A favourite play among audiences, As You Like it is a comedy by Shakespeare.

      Orlando was the youngest son of Sir Roland de Boys and was ill-treated by his brother Oliver. When Orlando responded to a challenge for a duel by the Duke’s wrestler, Charles, Oliver instructed Charles to injure Orlando in the fight.

      The Duke’s daughter, Celia, and her cousin, Rosalind, watched the fight and Rosalind fell in love with Orlando. Orlando won the match; however, the Duke was enraged when he learned that Orlando was the son of his old enemy, Sir Roland de Boys. The Duke unexpectedly banished Rosalind and she decided to find her father, the real Duke, who has been overthrown by his brother, Celia’s father, Frederick. Together with the court jester, Touchstone, the girls set out, disguised as a country boy, Ganymede, and his sister, Aliena.

      Incidentally, Orlando, fearing for his life, had also left home, accompanied by his father’s servant, Adam. A forest became the meeting place for the lovers and enemies. Orlando and Oliver helped each other and became close again. Other characters found their partners and married each other. In the end, there is a joyful dance celebrating the marriages and love and harmony among them all.

      A very popular phrase from this Shakespearean comedy is ‘All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players.’

Picture Credit : Google