What kind of food do astronauts eat in space?

The food is frozen and dried to retain its freshness and to conserve space. Some types of food are stored in concentrated form. Liquid and even solids are consumed from squeeze bottles to avoid any spilling of crumbs or droplets. Since there is no gravity, any food crumbs or liquid bubbles will float around inside the spacecraft, causing inconvenience.












How do astronauts get rid of body wastes in space?

Liquid waste is pumped into space where it vaporizes. Solid waste is kept in bags filled with germicide and the bags are disposed of when the spacecraft returns to Earth.



What is space capsule?

A space capsule is a small container launched into space. The Mercury capsules were bell-shaped, little bigger than telephone boxes and not at all comfortable for the astronaut. The Vostok capsules were somewhat bigger. The American Gemini capsule carried two astronauts, but was still cramped for two people. It was made up of three separate sections. Only the crew section came back to Earth.