Why does an astronaut seem weightless, while orbiting the Earth in space?

Actually, an astronaut orbiting the Earth in space is still firmly in the Earth’s gravitational field and seems weightless only because, he is moving in free fall i.e. in the same direction and at the same speed as the spacecraft.

  1. Stationary Elevator.
  2. Falling Elevator.
  3. Spacecraft with engine on.
  4. Spacecraft with engineer off.

  g :     Force of gravity.

  a :     Force of engine.


What are the main physical problems the astronauts face while remaining in space?

The lack of gravity in space tends to make the muscles weaker and the bones more porous, as comparatively less strength has to be used in space. This creates some problems on long space journeys and also when the astronauts return to Earth. Providing artificial gravity on spacecraft can solve this problem to a certain extent.



What are the dangers to astronauts in outer space?

In outer space, there is neither gravitational pull nor air. There are also extremes of temperature and hazardous radiation. There is also the possibility of the spacecraft being hit by meteoroids.

How do astronauts in space suits communicate with each other in outer space?

Each space suit is provided with a two-way radio for communication.