Why can’t find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Even if leprechauns were real – and they really did bury their booty at each rainbow’s end – you’d never find their treasure. Rainbows aren’t fixed a spot in the sky; they’re optical illusions. If you moved toward a rainbow, the angle of the light through the raindrops would shift and the rainbow would stay the same distance from you. So, if leprechauns really are real, they certainly picked the best spot to hide their gold.

Leprechauns play a massive part in the pot of gold legend, and there’s another story that involves them even more than the fairies one. An alternative belief is that the Vikings came to Ireland, looting, and plundering, and left some of their treasure behind when they left, which the leprechauns found. Distrusting all humans, leprechauns decided to bury their loot at the end of the rainbow so it would be almost impossible for humans to find. And so the legend was born, and this is one of the things that have made leprechauns so iconic.


Picture Credit : Google