Robert Edwin Peary, an American explorer, known for his discovery of the geographic North Pole, was one of the greatest polar explorers. Peary made several expeditions to the Arctic in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Peary was one of the first Arctic explorers to study Inuit survival techniques, which he used to his great benefit.

            After many failed attempts, Peary decided to set out on a final voyage. Peary and 23 men set off from New York City on 6th July 1908, under the command of Captain Robert Bartlett.

            They spent their winter near Cape Sheridan on Ellesmere Island. He reached the North Pole with his expedition on 6th April 1909. But, it is now suspected that he might have been 48 to 96 kilometres short of the Pole, but is still credited with the achievement.

            His success is widely disputed today, but his effort was noteworthy. Peary was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps on 6th April 1909, and retired the same day.

            Admiral Robert Peary died in the US, on 20th February 1920.