What is the career in the field of perfume-making?

With many luxury brands and celebrities launching their own line of exclusive fragrances, perfumes have become a status symbol. The popularity of fragrant essential oils in aroma therapy too has increased the demand for those skilled in the art of perfume-making

Who is a perfumer?

A perfumer is a term used for an expert in creating and bottling fragrances. Due to their fine sense of smell and skill in producing these scents, perfumers are also called as a ‘Nose. They are employed by perfume-making companies as well as companies manufacturing personal products such as shampoo, soap and anti-perspirant.

What to study?

Till a few years ago, there were limited options to study perfumery in India. With the market for perfumes growing many colleges now offer specialisations in this field.

  • Kelkar Education Trust’s VG Vaze College. Mumbai Postgraduate Diploma in Perfiunery and Cosmetics Management in partnership with the French Group institute Superior International of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Aromatic Alimentaire (ISIPCA) backed – by the University of Versailles.
  • Mumbai University and Institute of Chemical Technology. Mumbai Masters in Perfumery and Flavours Technology
  • Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) Kannauj. Uttar Pradesh: Diploma course in Technology Development Programme in Aroma and its Management Postgraduation in Aroma Technology in partnership with the Forest Research Institute. Dehradun.


  • ISIPCA University of Versailles: European Fragrance and Cosmetic Master Master of Science (MSC) in Cosmetic Expertise Formulation and Applications M.SCIR Fragrance Expertise Formulation and Applications
  • The Grasse institute of Perfumery, France international Technical Degree in Fragrance Creation and Sensor


  • Cinquieme Sens, Paris and the U.S: The Technique and Language of Perfumery Programme: The Fragrance Sales Programme and The Fragrance Development Programme.

Capturing the essence

Ascent or a fragrance cannot be seen, but it has a powerful presence. Everything in nature has its own unique scent especially fruits and flowers. A scent is made of different tones and notes. Perfumers have a sharp nose and a unique ability to discern the different tones in a scent and extract it from an object. This requires a lot of skill patience and passion. Through trial and error, perfumers do their best to capture the smell and enhance it further. It can often take 500 trials to find the perfect note for a fragrance.


Picture Credit : Google