I need a break

I am a Class X student. I’m just completing my Boards after a year of hard work and very little sleep. My parents are already setting up tuitions and teachers to teach me ahead of others for Class XII. It is driving me mad. They tell me my future depends on this. Though I understand things from their point of view, I know I need a break. How can I convince them?

I understand that you have worked hard and need a break before you get into your preparations for your next class. Have you decided which group you will take up in Class XI and what your goal is? Your parents are anxious about your future. Of course, you need to plan your future but you also need a break before you start preparing for Class XI and XII. Are your parents concerned that you should not get distracted? Talk to your parents and give them the confidence that you will start your preparation after recharging yourself. They should not get carried away by looking at other families. A good family holiday may help all of you relax and get back to work. The mind needs relaxation to work peacefully.


Picture Credit : Google