How did Roald Amundsen cross the North-West Passage?


               Roald Amundsen, from Norway, is one of the world’s most famous polar explorers. He was the first person to sail through the North-West Passage which is the seaway across the Arctic, linking the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

               When Amundsen and his crew progressed through the dangerous course and passed through the North-West Passage, they realized that they had navigated the much sought after North-West Passage. They sighted a whaling ship from San Francisco there.

               Amundsen and his crew were jubilant as they crossed the passage, which had defeated so many seamen for many centuries before them. The Gjoa, Amundsen’s ship, became the first vessel to transit the passage.

               However, more struggles were ahead, as they continued their voyage. His ship got trapped in the ice again. However, the Gjoa passed through the Bering Straits in 1906, and only then could Roald Amundsen claim to be the first to navigate the North-West Passage.