Why is it said that the wind and tides are the best way to produce electric power?

        The wind is a major source of renewable energy that is also useful to generate power. You must have seen windmills in real life, or on television. They are set up on farms for power generation.

        Although they look like fans, windmills work in just the opposite way. In fans, electricity is used to make wind, but in windmills, wind is used to make electricity.

        Let’s see how they work. When the wind blows, it turns the blades of the windmill. This in turn, spins a generator inside, and produces electricity.

         A single windmill can generate only a small amount of electricity. Hence, power companies build wind farms with a large number of wind turbines.

        In many countries including Denmark and Portugal, wind power contributes largely to power production.

        Yet another form of energy comes from ocean tides, which again, can be used to produce electricity. Just like wind turbines, there are tidal turbines too. They are turned by ocean currents. The spinning turbines are connected to devices that generate electricity.

         Here again, the process and products are safe, as there are no harmful emissions made.