What makes Phan Thiet an amazing place?

Phan Thiet is a city on the coast in south eastern Vietnam. It is a place that is noted for its coastal attractions.

          What primarily pull tourists to Phan Thiet are its beaches. The most important ones are Ke Ga and Tien Thanh that are peaceful and quiet. Then, there is the attractive Rang beach in Ham Tien ward which was discovered by foreigners in 1995, when they came there to watch a solar eclipse.

          The fairy stream of the ward is also very popular, where a small stream has carved a canyon through the dunes, revealing colourful layers of sand. Together, the sandy beaches, its clean waters and the numerous resorts close to them attract tourists from all over, for swimming and relaxation.

          Traditionally, the main source of Phan Thiet’s income is fishing and related industries. The place is very famous for the manufacturing of fish sauce. With a few hundred residents, Hon Rom is the most important fishing village, in this region.

          The hill that divides Mui Ne and Hon Rom is also an interesting tourist location, noted for the orange sand dunes present there.