What is the meaning, origin and usage of word ‘Morass’?

Meaning: Morass, used as a noun, means a tract of low-lying wet, soggy ground. Figuratively, it means a complicated or confused situation, anything that makes progress difficult. It is similar to quagmire.

Origin: The term morass is said to have entered English in the 1650s. It is derived from Dutch moeras meaning “marsh”, which in turn comes from the Old French word, maresc meaning “marsh.” In its earliest uses, morass was just a synonym of swamp. In course of time, say around the mid-19th Century, it acquired a figurative sense, beginning to refer to a murky situation that makes navigation difficult like a literal quagmire.

Usage: He rode the horse through the morass and up the slope.

She was caught in a morass of lies and falsehood.

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