What is meaning of term ‘Slow fashion’?

The clothes we wear are one of the top global polluters. Here’s why. They are produced in large quantities, making them “cheap” to buy, so we wear them just a few times, throw them away and buy new clothes all over again. Such mass production of clothing in a short while is called fast fashion. These large quantities are made by people who are paid unfairly poorly, often working long hours and in uncomfortable spaces. In effect, fast fashion causes human and planet suffering. And slow fashion hopes to correct this. It is the opposite of fast fashion-the clothes are produced in very small quantities and the people creating them are paid fairly. Such clothes are also of good quality, last long, and are more expensive than mass-produced ones. Which means, we care better for them, wear them for a long while, thus decreasing the amount of waste the clothing industry generates.

Picture Credit : Google 

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