What is meaning of term ‘Plantable books’?

In order to educate and inspire ecologically responsible behaviour in young readers, Argentinian children's book publisher Pequeño Editor launched a project called Tree Book Tree in 2015. The books produced under the project were hand-stitched and printed with eco-friendly ink on recycled acid-free paper embedded with jacaranda tree seeds. The title produced, sold, and donated under the initiative was Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva (that translates to My Dad Was in the Jungle, recommended for ages eight to 12). Each copy came with planting instructions and the plantable book was also put on display in bookstores, where the public could see it germinate. All books come from trees, and now there is one that will go back to being one.

Editorial director of the publishing house Pequeno Editor said on the project. "We think this book must be planted after it has been read many times, in such a way that every time a kid looks at that growing tree he will perfectly remember the story that gave birth to it."

This one-of-a-kind project inspired entrepreneurs such as Tom Willday to come up with willsow, the U.K's first plantable children's books publishing company that uses seed paper made out of recycled envelopes and vegetable-based ink to produce and print books featuring fruits and vegetables as protagonists.

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