What is meaning of term ‘Mankad’?

In cricket, a bowler can run out the non-striking batter in their delivery stride if that batter is backing up. This form of dismissal is informally referred to as Mankad, after Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad, who effected it against Australia's Bill Brown in a Test match at Sydney in 1947

Even though this form of dismissal has been within the rules of cricket. it always invokes a debate around the spirit of the game when it happens. The bowler and the fielding side often bear the brunt, even though the onus is on the non-striker to stay their ground till the ball is delivered.

In order to make it less taboo, those in charge of the rules of the game moved the law on running out the non-striker this way from Unfair Play to Run Out. Effective from October 2022, Mankad is now a legitimate form of dismissal and is now classed as run out.

There was a lot of furore over India's Deepti Sharma effecting a run out of England's Charlie Dean at the non-striker's end during her delivery stride, as recently as September 2022.

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