What is meaning of term ‘Gene editing’?

Gene editing is all about making changes in your DNA sequence and thereby altering the genetic makeup. In other words, you customise your genetic makeup. So how is this carried out? Gene editing is performed using enzymes. Nucleases, which are enzymes are engineered to target a specific DNA sequence and cuts are introduced into the DNA strands by them. This aids in removing existing DNA sequences and inserting the replacement DNA. Gene editing will go a long way in targeting specific genes and thereby enable efficient treatment of diseases, according to doctors. With this, the genetic material gets added, removed, or altered in specific locales of the genome. It was in the late 1900s that the first gene editing technologies were developed. At present scientists use a tool called CRISPR to edit the DNA. But with this giant leap in medicine, there also come questions of ethical and social implications of genetically ‘engineering’ mankind. Should physical traits like eye colour or skin colour be altered?

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