What is meaning of term ‘Eco-horror’?

Global warming is changing horror movies, and the popularity of the up-and-coming horror subgenre eco-horror or ecological horror suggests that it is not likely to stop anytime soon. These movies are taking inspiration from humankind's fractured relationship with the environment to present scenarios where nature fights back against its two-legged inhabitant's misuse and exploitation of the planet's resources.

The first rumbling of eco-horror can be traced back to the mid-2000s, with disaster stories depicting nature itself as the monster threatening to wipe out all of humanity on Earth. The earliest example of this include release of climate disaster epics such as The Day After Tomorrow and documentaries  such as An Inconvenient Truth that shocked the general public's conscience. Since then we have seen more and more eco-war movies that aim at reminding us that we merely exist as an extension of nature and can never take complete control of it.

Some examples from the genre that represents the existential dread we feel about the irreversible damage we have done to the planet include books turned movies such as The Girl with All the Gifts, Annihilation, and Crawl.

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