What is meaning of term ‘Dark energy’?

All these years scientists have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe. But in vain. The universe and its vastness cannot be comprehended by the human eye. nor by the human mind. What else is possible: what else is out there? We look up for answers, into the vast cosmic ocean. Did you know that what we comprehend is just four percent of what is there in the universe? All of that you can see, touch and experience just contribute to less than 5 percent of the whole universe. What’s the rest? The rest is just dark. Dark matter makes up for 27 percent of the universe, and 68 percent is dark energy. Dark energy is still an enigma as is the universe. It is something that scientists have not been able to find an answer to. Albert Einstein was the first to postulate that the empty space is not ‘nothing.’ He added the cosmological constant and said the universe is static (neither expanding nor contracting). He later agreed that the universe is expanding. We now know that it’s only accelerating and not slowing down due to gravity. One explanation is that it is the dark energy that drives this accelerated expansion. There is a dark force that is pulling galaxies apart and results in a faster expansion rate. It is a kind of cosmic repulsive force that makes up the dominant component of the universe which is called the dark energy.

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