What are the ways in which you can incorporate the computer into your academic life?

Sticky Notes

Most computers, be it with a Windows OS or a Mac OS, have gadgets or apps for sticky notes. You can list down to-dos and small notes on these sticky notes and pin them to your desktop. Every time you turn on your computer and visit the sticky notes app, you will know exactly what you need to do. Time to start planning!

Word Processors

From Microsoft Word to Notepad and WordPad, there are several word processors available for download notes and research points and neatly arranges them for easy reference. You can also organize the notes and take printouts or share them with your friends over e-mail.


Many a time students are expected to make presentations in class on various topics. To aid you in your presentation, there are software such as Microsoft presentations and display them to the class. They are also a quick way to revise topics as most presentations contain important points related to a topic.

For the artist in you

To channel your inner artist and to help you with poster-making and other design works, the computer offers you software such as Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop. There are also open source versions such as Gimp that can be downloaded for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Create that amazing poster and leave everyone in awe.

Shoo away Math fear

Oh yes, the computer can help you ace in Math too. From tools such as calculator to spreadsheets that can calculate simple and complex math problems, the computer has them all for you to help you get over your aversion to the subject.

Towards unlimited knowledge

Over and above everything, the computer offers you access to the Internet which is home to the World Wide Web of information. The Web has answers to almost all your queries and is your best friend when it comes to research and some extra reading.

We will elaborate more on how Internet can help you in academics in the next edition of Open Source.


Picture Credit : Google