I’m very anxious about how much I will score

I’m very anxious about how much I will score in Class XII. I have been studying really hard, but my future depends on my marks. My parents and those close to my family make me feel nervous about the results.

Anxiety about your results should not affect your performance. Relax. Of course, marks are important but now you must focus only on your performance. Understand the fact that you can put in hard work to get good results, but you cannot predict your results. Parents’ anxiety is understandable but they should not make their children nervous. Handling their own anxiety is essential. You could discuss your anxiety with them. Regular breathing exercises, some physical activity, nutritious food and a relaxed mind are essential now. Do your duty and plan your future. Marks are not the end of your life. You have a number of courses now and you can plan your path after your results.


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