What is fondue?

Fondue is a delicious, warm dish made of cheese. Get to know how it is eaten

Fondue is a delicious (warm) cheese dish of Switzerland, France and Italy. It is considered a national dish in Switzerland.

Fondue is basically a communal dish, which means it is generally eaten by a group of people, rather than individually. The fondue is served in a communal pot (called a fondue pot), at the centre of the table. It is kept warm by heating it on a low flame, usually with a candle or a spirit lamp. People seated at the table, dip pieces of bread into the fondue with long-stemmed forks and eat them.

According to tradition, if anyone’s bread piece falls into the cheese then he or she has to pay a penalty as punishment! This style of eating is not only fun, but also gives the diners a certain sense of equality and sharing.

There are different types of cheese and so there are different types of fondue. The word fondue comes from the French word fondre, which means ‘to melt. The term fondue’ is now used to describe other dishes where pieces of solid food are dipped into a liquid that is kept warm in a fondue pot. For example, in the case of chocolate fondue, pieces of fruit or pastry are dipped into melted chocolate, kept warm in a pot. Other kinds of dessert fondue include honey, caramel, coconut and marshmallow.

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