What are the most popular food dishes in the world?

Every country has its own set of unique dishes. Some dishes are so woven into the fabric of the land that they have become synonymous with the place. However in the case of India, which has a highly diverse culinary culture, it is impossible to pinpoint a few classic dishes. Hop on as we take you on a gastronomical journey. We also look at some of the authentic dishes that have crossed over to other lands, becoming ‘global’ dishes.


 Who doesn’t love a good hamburger? Even as the origin of the hamburger is debated, the dish is well loved in the U.S. and is more of an emotion. This classic dish comes with different toppings and accompaniments and has turned into a global delicacy.


“Ackee, rice, saltfish are nice…” sang Harry Belafonte in his iconic song Jamaica Farewell’. One of the most famed delicacies in Jamaica, it is a combination of saltfish (traditionally cod) and Ackee, a West African fruit. While Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica, Ackee and codfish is the national dish.


Pot-au-Feu translates to “pot on fire. A soup fashioned out of meat and root vegetables and spruced up with herbs, Pot-au-Feu is the signature dish of France. This traditional dish often uses beef as the meat. The dish is served in two courses. The broth is sieved and served separately from the meat. This is a well-loved meal in France.


Here is an overload of sweetness and cheesy goodness. With a golden crust and a gooey, cheesy core, the kunafa, a dish from Palestine, makes for the ideal dessert. It traces its origin to the Palestinian city of Nablus. The base of the dish is Phyllo dough and cheese. It is topped crushed pistachio and is paired with sugar syrup.


On any given day, a good broth is always comfort food. The Irish Stew is one of the most popular dishes in Ireland. The thick broth is a medley of mutton and root vegetables.


Italy is synonymous with pizza. The dish has traversed the world and is loved globally. The flatbread is often topped with a myriad range of toppings. The origin of pizza dates back to 1700s in Naples. The city’s tradition of making pizza has even been accorded intangible heritage status by UNESCO.

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