I am stressed about my future.

I am in Class 9. Before the pandemic, I used to be a bright child and a topper, but after the pandemic my grades have deteriorated a lot. I was on the brink of failing in my periodic tests. I am stressed about my future.

The pandemic has caused several changes in the lives of people and many are still facing concerns, though things are back to normal at the moment. It is important for you to find out what exactly has changed in your life during the past two years that led to this drastic change. Did you suffer emotionally? Has your friend circle changed? Has there been something that has upset you or are you worrying about something that you find difficult to speak about? Make a list of all these things to find out what the root cause of the problem is. After you have learnt about the root cause it will be easier for you to tackle it. For example, if you are unable to understand what is being taught, maybe you can take coaching from a specialised teacher for the same. As you go to a higher standard, the studies may also get a little difficult and you may find it difficult to concentrate, understand that you are worried about future, however, this is a concern that is definitely resolvable.

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