I am not good at controlling my anger.

I am not good at controlling my anger. If I let it out, I worsen my relationship with my friends and family. If I keep it in, it keeps bothering me from within and affects my overall personality. It is making my life difficult and I have started talking to less and less people. I fear I will explode if someone talks to me because I do not feel comfortable with the people in my surroundings. What can I do to be at peace with myself as well as with everyone else?

I appreciate your honesty. Talking to fewer people may not always be the best solution, because in life you will have to talk to many other people over time. Indulging in daily physical activities is said to reduce anger. You can go for a run or brisk walk every day; this will help you unwind. Whenever you get angry, it is best to take a brief timeout of maybe 10-15 minutes wherein you can hold yourself better and gather your thoughts, too, before you speak. Simple stretching exercises and focussed breathing exercises (breathe in and breathe out very slowly) will also help you calm down. It is also important to have a friend that you can speak to and vent your emotions and fears to.

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