I am having difficulty in preparing for my exams.

I am a first year MBBS student. I am having … difficulty in preparing for my exams thereby decreasing my efficiency. Kindly guide.

Studying as an MBBS student may be overwhelming sometimes. Since the syllabus is vast, you can benefit by dividing the portion equally and preparing an organised daily timetable to help you learn better. Make sure you keep some time as free time or a break time to avoid getting too bogged down by the syllabus. Try learning in terms of pointers first and later elaborate on what you have learnt. Use a highlighter wherever required, this would help to magnify important words or statements. Try to maintain a book on pointers only, this will help you revise your entire portion at one glance, last minute. You can also audio record yourself as you read out a difficult answer and hear it later; according to studies, listening to your own voice repeatedly can help you memorise better.

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