I am good in history and geography

I am good in history and geography and I love these subjects. I want to choose my career based on these two subjects. Please suggest some career options.

Like most academic subjects History and Geography may not be directly vocational but provide a solid background for general education, international studies, and a variety of professional careers including law, planning, and environmental consulting. During the course study, you’ll develop skills in research, analysis, and oral and written communication.

Graduates in Geography find work in cartography, oceanography and land survey. Those with a master’s degree get involved in urban and regional planning and development, housing development, town planning, transport planning, environmental planning and monitoring. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology are the latest fields which utilize the skills of a geographer and a computer professional.

A good history degree is a guarantee that the holder can analyse subjects in depth and develop coherent arguments about them in written and verbal form. Knowledge of history is also an asset in journalism. Historians not only confine themselves to teaching and research jobs but may go for specialized jobs such as archaeologist, epigraphist, archivist or curator.

History is a very popular choice for various competitive examinations at state and central level, like the civil services.

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